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Office 2019 Vs Office 365: What’s The Difference?

Lots of new features, but you can already find them in another Microsoft product...

A brand new version of Microsoft Office is on the way, and for eligible customers, there’s a preview version available to try right now. But what’s actually new, and why should you choose this version over the ones that are already available. Given the choice between Office 2019 vs Office 365, which one is right for you?

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TSB's Problems Can Be A Lesson To Us All

Unhappy customers is just the tip of the iceberg for the beleaguered bank.

If you ever need proof of how important IT is to a modern business, and how damaging it can be if it’s not done properly, just look at the ongoing TSB debacle.

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Free Cyber Security Quiz - How Well Is Your Business Doing?

Are you doing everything you can to keep your business safe?

There are very few businesses, if any, that don't rely on some kind of IT to get their work done. In the vast majority of cases, that means being online. As well as all the advantages the internet brings, though, it can also open a door for malware and criminals. That's why, more now than ever, it's vital to have strong cyber security measures in place, to protect your business from what can be extremely expensive breaches. With this free cyber security quiz, you can get an idea of where you currently stand, in terms of your cyber security measures.

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Microsoft Word Shortcuts To Save You Time

Life is too short not to use shortcuts.

Like the rest of the Microsoft Office tools, Microsoft Word is extremely powerful and feature-rich. There's often more than one way to do the same thing, and users are free to find the methods that suit their way of working. There are also a ton of keyboard and mouse shortcuts built right into the software that can reduce common actions to just a couple of key presses. On their own, these might only save you a second or so each time, but over the course of a day, the time saved will quickly add up and you'll soon see the benefit.

Here are just 10 of our favourite Word shortcuts.

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Still Using Internet Explorer? Even Microsoft May Want You To Ditch It

New browsers are faster and more secure.

Internet Explorer, the web browser that once was king, sits in a much different position today. Its userbase has shrunk considerably, and only the very latest version is still supported, making earlier editions a potential security risk.

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Should You Quit Social Media Like Wetherspoons?

Ours is a big pint of maybe...

Going against the current trend in business, Wetherspoons recently shut down all its social media accounts. And unlike that Facebook friend we all have who periodically makes a massive fuss about how they’re leaving the social network, deleting all their photos in the process, before quieting returning a few days later like nothing happened, Wetherspoons has stuck to its word. No longer do the company or any of its individual pubs have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

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Cyber Warfare Affects Businesses Of All Sizes

Government sponsored hackers don't just target other governments.

It sounds like the stuff of Hollywood movies, but international cyber warfare is real. Nation states are actively engaged in ever more sophisticated and sustained hacking attacks on each other, with the aim of destabilising governments, stealing information, damaging infrastructure and hurting economies. And as with any form of warfare, while our leaders insulate themselves from harm, making decisions from afar, caught in the cyber crossfire are ordinary citizens and businesses.

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Why Are Free IT Solutions Actually Free?

You might be paying in ways you never even considered.

As Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross once sang, the best things in life are free. Chances are, though, they probably weren’t referring to free software and internet services. But if they were, would it be true? Or would the logic of an idiom far older than Jackson and Vandross be more accurate - that nothing in life is free?

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5 Examples of Cyber Crime and the Cyber Criminals Who Got Caught

The bad guys don't always get away with it.Kevin Mitnick - a cyber criminal who got caught

Unlike the other hackers in our list, Kevin Mitnick wasn't really motivated by profit.

Crime, they say, doesn’t pay. Yet every year, billions of pounds are lost to cyber criminals, and the chances of recovering anything are often slim. So, it would seem, crime does, in fact, pay quite a lot of money, quite a lot of the time, which is no doubt why so many people are engaged in it.

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How Hacking Has Become All Too Easy For Criminals

Roll up! Roll up! Come get your hacking tools!

How would you like to become a successful cyber criminal? With almost no technical ability, you could be ripping off unsuspecting individuals and businesses in next to no time. Whether you want ransomware, account hacking tools or viruses you can distribute for the sheer hell of it, everything you need is readily available if you know where to look and you’re willing to pay. Yes, with the right tools, cyber crime is easy!

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