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Veeam Backup & Replication Gets High Praise From Gartner

Latest accolade based on real user feedback.

Veeam Backup & Replication has been awarded 4.6 out of five in Gartner's Customer Choice 2018 awards. Nestled under the Data Center Backup and Recovery Software category, Veeam gained top marks from many users, with one user saying "Implementation was easy and product performance is excellent!"

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Customer WiFi: Good Business Sense Or Security Risk?

Access to the internet has become something that we all expect, no matter where we are. If you’re running a business where customers spend a lot of time on your premises, then you should seriously consider setting up free customer WiFi for them. Here’s why…

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Malicious Logins Are Scarily Frequent, Says Report

The scale of malicious logins has been highlighted by content delivery and cloud services firm Akamai, in its Q4 2017 State of the Internet report. It found that an alarming 43% of all online login attempts across its network were unauthorised.

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Office 365 ATP: Is It Right For Your Business?

TMB Group looks at what Office 365 ATP offers, how much it costs and why it’s worth considering for your own business.

As more of our working lives moves online, the need for robust cyber security has grown. With Microsoft Office 365 ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), small- and medium-sized businesses can fulfil that need, while continuing to use the software they’re already familiar with. But is ATP right for your business or organisation? Here are just a few reasons you might like to consider it.

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Are Users Really Taking Cyber Security More Seriously?

Security has become more important than convenience, says IBM, in report that also highlights the future role of biometric authentication. But are users actually taking cyber security more seriously?

Having surveyed more than 4,000 people from around the world, IBM found that security was considered more important than either privacy or convenience in nearly all login situations (except for social media accounts, oddly, where convenience came out on top).

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Opera 3: Why Now Is The Best Time To Upgrade

Still using Opera II? Here's why it's time to move on...

Opera II Is Approaching End Of Life

All software has a finite lifetime, and at nearly 18 years old, Opera II’s retirement is well overdue. Technology has moved on, in ways this software was never built for, so understandably Pegasus has called time on Opera II. If you want the latest features and, most importantly, to comply with regulations, you’ll need to upgrade to Opera 3.

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1990s Technology: The Best and Worst of Outdated Business Technology

What did the 1990s ever do for us?

Things, a wise man once said, can only get better. That man was Peter Cunnah, lead singer of pop dance combo D:Ream. And he didn't say those words so as much as belt them out on stage with an infectiously upbeat melody - often with none other than floppy-haired professor of physics Brian Cox playing keyboards in the background. Either way, it's safe to say Cunnah's words were probably not intended as an analysis of the likely progression of 1990s technology (or as the official theme of New Labour, for that matter), but they could have been.

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What Is Two-Factor Authentication, And Why Should Your Business Use It?

Two-factor authentication offers an extra level of cyber security that no business should be without. But what is it, how does it work, and how can you use it in your own business?

Simply put, two-factor authentication is a system of confirming a person’s identity, using two different methods. Usually, this consists of a traditional password, combined with a device of some sort - in other words, something the user knows and something the user has.

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Email Security: Is Human Error The Greatest Threat?

Email is by far the greatest source of cyber security incidents for businesses today – and it’s all thanks to good old-fashioned human error.

How many emails have you sent today? And how many have you received? We’re willing to bet the answer to at least one of those questions is “Quite a lot.” But how many times have you thought about email security in the same period. Twice? Once? Not at all?

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7 Important Lessons From GDPR 101 Hampshire 

What did we learn from TMB's data security seminar?

This week, TMB played host at the Langstone Hotel on Hayling Island, welcoming attendees to its GDPR 101 seminar. As well as our very own technical director, Richard Shuker, we were joined by Martyn Rochelle of Lloyds Bank, and Lucy Dibdin and Stephen Webber of Hampshire Constabulary.

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Working In The Critical Industries? Get Your Cyber Security In Order!

Big fines could be coming for companies working ‘critical industries’. What, if anything, does this mean for small businesses?

A few days ago, the UK government made a bold statement regarding the cyber security of the nation. Organisations working in “critical industries” could face fines of up to £17 million if their cyber security measures aren’t up to scratch.

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