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Bitcoin: A Waste Of Time For Small Businesses?

Bitcoin promises big things, but the threats of fraud and huge losses are never too far away

Unless you’ve been living under a particularly large rock in a particularly isolated desert for the past few years, you’ll have heard of Bitcoin. It was the first of its kind, and to this day it’s the most prominent and widely known. But what is it, and should small businesses invest in it?

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11 Bad Email Habits & How To Avoid Them

Email can be a fantastic business tool, but it can also become a productivity killer, a source of misunderstanding and a disruption to our work-life balance. Thankfully, there are ways to make email work better for everyone, writes TMB's technical director, Richard Shuker…

We live in a world where instant communication is easy, via a wide range of channels, like social media, instant messaging, text messages and, of course, email. As great as email is, many of us are guilty of not using it as well as we could. Here are just 11 of the many bad email habits that can cause problems.

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Can BYOD Really Work For Small Businesses?

Should you allow your team to use their own devices or work, and what risks does it bring if you do?

Bring your own device (BYOD), where employees use their own personal computers in the workplace, is something many people appreciate. On the face of it, that seems puzzling. If you’ve spent thousands of pounds equipping your team with computers to do their work on, why would they want to spend their own money instead? Why, if they have a perfectly decent computer at work, would they want to bring in their own laptop or tablet?

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Why Connecting To Hotel Wi-fi Could Be A Security Risk

Even the complimentary mint on your pillow won't cheer you up if you're targeted

Connecting to hotel wi-fi is part and parcel of most business trips. Complimentary internet access means not having to tether to your phone and use up your data allowance for the month. You can read your emails, browse the web and maybe watch Netflix if the connection is fast enough. But how do you know the connection is secure?

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What Is Cyber Essentials, And How Does It Work?

The government's cyber security initiative is useful, but it might not be enough on its own...

Businesses are ‘panic buying’ cyber insurance, in response to rising cyber crime and the upcoming GDPR deadline. So says the BBC, which also highlighted the role of security certification, including the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

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What Does The Carphone Warehouse Fine Mean For SMEs?

£400k and we haven’t even started GDPR yet

A few days ago, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) slapped a meaty £400,000 fine on Carphone Warehouse for a data breach it suffered in 2015.

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When Bad Updates Attack - And How To Deal With It

Meltdown and Spectre patches show just how wrong patches can go

Bolstered security, new features, performance tweaks, visual improvements – all good reasons to install updates. And whether you’re using a Windows PC, a Mac, a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll find yourself frequently downloading and installing updates to make your software better. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t always go according to plan…

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Why Are Backups So Important To Businesses?

Everyone knows they should make backups - but why? What could happen if you don't?

In our previous backup-related blog post, we looked at how the 3-2-1 rule can help businesses to protect against data loss. This time around, we’re going to look at why we make backups in the first place, and what can happen if you’re not prepared.

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Is Cyber Insurance Worth It For Small Businesses?

In an increasingly digital economy, the value of data is undeniable. But are cyber insurance premiums, which promise to pay out in the event of data loss, a viable solution to the problem?

According to the blog ITPro, 2018 is going to be the year of data insurance. Pointing to the growing number of data breaches that occur each year around the world, it concludes that the demand for cyber insurance will significantly increase in 2018. At the moment, it claims “only 19% of UK companies are covered for losses associated with cyber security breaches and data theft”.

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Meltdown And Spectre - The Computer Flaws That Affect Practically Everyone

People are calling them the worst computer flaws to be discovered for decades. But what do Meltdown and Spectre mean for you?

Two fundamental flaws have been discovered in computer processors that will affect the vast majority of businesses and consumers around the world. Dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, they make it possible for hackers to gain access to private information, including passwords, stored in temporary memory.

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The 3-2-1 Rule: Backups That Could Help Avoid Disaster

Can you really secure your business data in three steps?

Creating backups doesn’t have to be complicated or painful, but it does need to be effective. That’s why at TMB, we recommend using what’s known as the 3-2-1 rule to guide your backup routines. It’s straightforward, easy to remember and it insures against data loss in multiple ways.

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