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How Important Is Cyber Security At Christmas?

Crime stops for no man - not even Santa Claus.

Cyber security matters at all times - and Christmas is no different from any other part of the year. For most of us, the festive period means spending some time at home with our families, eating copious amounts of chocolate, having a few beers or glasses of wine, and generally just kicking back with our feet up. But for criminals, it's an opportunity. All those empty offices and unattended computers are gifts just waiting to be unwrapped. While you're relaxing in front of the TV watching endless repeats of Only Fools & Horses, criminals could be causing chaos for you at work, having themselves quite the merry little Christmas.

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Microsoft’s AI Has Improved Its Products - And The World

As well as enhancing its own products, Microsoft’s commitment to artificial intelligence is making the world better too.

Just last year, Microsoft’s AI work made less than favourable headlines, when its Twitter bot, Tay, was subverted by a less-than-helpful public.

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Data Theft Is A Massive Problem For Businesses - Here's Why

Data theft is a potential consequence of any security breach. What would it mean for your business if it happened to you?

If cyber criminals gained access to your business computers, what kind of information could they potentially steal? Would you be able to recover from any level of data theft, or would the loss of sensitive information sound the death knell for your business?

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Why Local IT Support Is Right For SMEs

Why deal with a faceless corporation when you can work with real people?

At Technology Means Business, we’re proud of the fact we deliver local IT support to small- and medium-sized companies all over the South East and London. Because we have offices located in Hampshire, Essex, Kent and London, we’re never too far away from our customers, and that means they’re not left waiting for us when they need assistance.

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UK Businesses And Net Neutrality – Should You Be Worried?

As the future of the internet is decided in America, we look at what it could mean for businesses on this side of the pond

The USA is set to remove one of the founding principles of the internet – potentially creating a two-tier system that favours big companies. But what is the relationship between UK businesses and net neutrality, and is there anything to be worried about?

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1.4 Billion Stolen Passwords Found On Dark Web Forum

A stark reminder to us all about password security

More than 1.4 billion stolen passwords and other credentials have been found in a plain text file, which was posted in a dark web forum. Security threat intelligence company 4iQ discovered the 41GB file on 5th December, and after a few days of sifting through the data, it reported on its findings so far.

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9 Tech Trends That Could Be Massive For Small Businesses

New technology matters to small and medium businesses just as much as it does to massive corporations. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve identified some major tech coming your way.

How do you choose the right technology for small businesses? For SMEs, the latest, greatest technology can be an expense that’s hard to justify. Indeed, get your security right and install a solid IT backbone, and you don’t necessarily need flash gadgets to help your business.

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Free Cyber Security Guide For Small Businesses - Available To Download Now

It's not just big corporations and public bodies that get attacked by cyber criminals. Download TMB's free SME cyber security guide to find out more.

More and more small businesses have growing IT departments, and that means cyber security is becoming increasingly important. Cyber crime is also getting easier to perpetrate, so the bad guys don't even need to be tech experts to catch people out.

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How To Protect Your Business From Scam Email

Scam email is costing businesses millions of pounds every year, and everyone is a potential target. But there are ways to shield yourself from it and keep your business safe.

Although most of us accept spam email as an inevitable part of modern life, the scams that are often perpetrated through them can be extremely costly to the victims. But it’s not just individuals who need to be on the lookout for scam email: businesses are also a target – and, as you might imagine, a potentially lucrative one for scammers. In fact, last year, among the 2.9 million UK businesses that found themselves in the crosshairs of cyber criminals (at a total cost of £29.1 billion), phishing emails were by far the most prevalent.

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Passwords For Chocolate: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Would you give up your passwords for free chocolate? Many people would, the media tells us - repeatedly. Why, though, does this story keep popping up?

Passwords are important. But not as important, it would seem, as chocolate. Since 2004, the idea that people will exchange their passwords for chocolate has made headlines several times. Numerous publications have indicated that the offer of free confectionery is all it takes to make folk forget basic security measures.

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Government Password Sharing Shows How Not To Do Security

Everyone knows that password sharing is bad practice, right? Apparently not, if Tory MP Nadine Dorries is anything to go by.

As the controversy surrounding MP Damian Green’s allegedly naughty browser history rages on, one colleague came to his defence this week – failing in spectacular fashion and opening a massive can of worms around password sharing.

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Here's Why Microsoft 365 Business Is The Bee's Knees

Designed to meet all the software needs of any business, Microsoft 365 Business is a comprehensive solution. But what do you get for your money?

Running a small business is difficult at the best of times, and with the economy struggling and Brexit looming, it’s even harder. But not everything has to be a struggle – and Microsoft 365 Business, an all-in-one software solution for SMEs – is proof of that.

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The Three-Pronged Backup Regime That All Businesses Should Follow

Making backups of important files is vital for businesses of any size. And to be really safe, you shouldn't do it in just one way but three.

Like kale and star jumps, creating backups is one of those things that’s good for you, but not much fun. Indeed, just like those things, they might even seem unpleasant – in the short term at least.

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